GIFTSHOP – Big in Astoria

GIFTSHOP Big In Astori

Following the two tracks provided for the New York compilation NYC 2019 Vol 1, GIFTSHOP released their new 5 track EP last weekend with what by all accounts was a triumphant, EP launch gig at Coney Island Baby.

Big in Astoria

My favourite of the current crop of NYC bands, though by no means the only one I’m listening to, GIFTSHOP’s EP had me wishing I was at that gig. With such vibrancy in the NYC underground music scene, it’s a shame I can’t just nip out to a gig …the commute from Glasgow is just a little difficult.

Anyway, as track three of the EP, Stacked, says, the “chips are stacked” in favour of GIFTSHOP. The five tracks on show on this EP are an eclectic bunch showing off GIFTSHOP’s multitudinous talents.

We Want You

We Want You kicks off with an overtly electronic sound, initially reminding me of The Faint, before the vocal kicks in and you promptly recognise it as GIFTSHOP with Meghan Taylor’s familiar vocal, instantly addictive chorus “We want you, we want what we want”, sweet guitar parts and richly striking rhythm section.

Same heralds its arrival with a terse compelling rhythm and a couple of punches to the solar plexus. Meghan’s vocal is charged and insistent, uttered with speed and ire. Midway through, the bass kicks in, the track changes pace and as it tails off, reminds me more of Kim Deal/The Breeders

Choppy guitars preface the opening line of Stacked, “All I know is that I’m better than you…” I don’t disagree. Try not to love this track, I dare you. Their “bag of tricks is full, its easy to see…”

Things I Feel

Nearing the end of the EP, Things I Feel is a raucous 1000mph 90 second thrill ride. Frantic bass segues into some feverish frenzied fretwork and perfectly delivered machine gun vocals.  I’m out of breath by the time Meghan fires out the last line, “think of me when I see you” so I have no idea how she felt. 

The final track on the EP is a spirited sympathetic version of Motorhead’s classic Ace of Spades, channelling the spirit of Lemmy, it had me pumping up the volume and reaching for a bottle of Jack.

If I play it loud enough and close my eyes, I can imagine I was at the gig. Maybe one day New York…