The Lost Boys – Nosebleeds – album review

I’m Addicted

As the first track on The Lost Boys album says “I’m Addicted”. I’m addicted to this album, I’m addicted to its charm. I’m addicted to its powerful hook laden tunes. I’m addicted to its humour and clever lyrics.

Take a level tablespoon of the power-pop-punk sensibilities and driving guitars of The Buzzcocks, season with a bit of the abstractness of Graham Coxon, add the warm timbre of Mark Morriss from The Bluetones, mix well. Add the personality, humour and song-writing of Daniel Ash (showing my age, but no, not that Daniel Ash) and before you know it you’ve got a thrill rush that has resulted in the brilliance of Nosebleeds.Read the rest

The Autumn Stones – Escapists (Album Review)

The Autumn Stones
The Autumn Stones

The Autumn Stones – Escapists

The Saxophone

The saxophone. A deep resonance, rich, vibrant and mellifluous.

I personally love the saxophone, and co-incidentally, have seen 2 videos cropping up again recently on social media of buskers playing sax which both had me enthralled. I often scan videos on social media, but both of these I watched all the way through, then did it again.

The sound and look of a sax being played just has something that draws me in.

Over the years there have been many great alternative/rock bands and/or songs that have used the sax to great effect.… Read the rest

There is a Night that Never Goes Out…..

I had a catch up with an old friend the other day. I say “old” friend as it was only when we talked we realised just how long we’d known each other! That friend is Robert Winning and when we spoke we realised it must have been about 26 years ago when we first met.

It was 1991 and I’d been to see Morrissey at the Caird Hall in Dundee. The gig had finished early after around an hour as Morrissey was losing his voice. He was due to be playing the following night at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. … Read the rest