Strung Out Nights EP reviews


Strung Out Nights is the brainchild of Fudgie McFadden (once of The Cherry Reds). Basically it is him and his acoustic guitar.

Fudgie: “I had written a song called Better Days when I was still in the Cherry Reds which at the time didn’t fit in with the sound and was also a song I didn’t feel comfortable playing live as it was very different and personal. But once I had left, I was inspired by the likes of The Homeless Gospel Choir, Pat The Bunny, Mischief Brew and Days N Daze to just say “f*ck it” and try out the acoustic thing.”

Strung Out Nights has just completed a series of gigs supporting Louise Distras. Also a slot on the Almost Acoustic stage at Rebellion Punk Festival in Blackpool.

Fudgie: “Rebellion was a great weekend, whilst I didn’t pull a massive audience I feel that I made a positive impression on those who caught the set. Also I got the chance to see some of my favourite bands and catch up with friends, I will definitely be going back next year, whether that’s as a performer or punter is yet to be seen haha”

Strung Out Nights next gig is at the Bellfield Tavern in Kilmarnock on 23rd September:

Fudgie: “The only upcoming gig I have is supporting the Three ‘n’ Eights at the Bellfield Tavern on the 23rd of September, but if you are interested just keep an eye on the Facebook page and all upcoming gigs will be announced there.”

Just because Strung Out Nights is an acoustic project doesn’t mean there is any less power to the songs. The attitude is still punk. After all did Don Letts not once say “punk is not mohawks and safety pins. It’s an attitude and a spirit”. While Fudgie may still have a mohawk under his hat, he certainly has the attitude and spirit to go with it.

World of Doubt EP

Tracks: Welcome to the Punk Show, Cautionary Tales, The Anarchists are too Strung Out (to Revolt), War Against War, All That I Need

National Mental Regression EP

Tracks: Riot, Better Days, Paradise, Wasters, Loners & Stoners & Misanthropic Drunken Loner.

Fudgie is a great storyteller and had me hooked,  listening to the stories and messages in the songs. Not necessarily in music style, but with the stories he tells, I’m reminded of Itch and the King Blues.

He certainly has something to say and that brings Billy Bragg to mind. The topics of the songs are varied.

From disaffected individualsThe Anarchists are too Strung Out (to Revolt) those who moan about the state of the world and who “sing for the revolution”. Ultimately though, they are too apathetic to do anything about it. And Riot “I’m sick and tired of hearing the same old things” where the individuals are prepared to take action and “break through the police lines”

To beautiful but gritty love songsAll That I Need is a beautiful song about love overcoming everything the world & Paradise “When I’m with you I’m in Paradise”.

A call to arms for all to come out to see live music – Welcome to the Punk Show kicks of the World of Doubt EP. A tale which begins with the protagonist sitting alone in their room “addicted to social media”. Then “coming out to the punk show” to “see the coolest bands you wouldn’t have heard about”, and “see the coolest people you would not have met”. A sentiment which I agree with!

Addiction and Death – Cautionary Tales is what the title says. It tells the story of someone who has spiralled into wasting their life. Addicted to alcohol and drugs and “acting like a hypocrite, something that you despise”. In the end they pay the ultimate sacrifice.

Protest songs – War Against War has a Crass like sentiment to it in the “Fight war not wars” vein.

Better Days – the song that started it all for Strung Out Nights & Wasters, Loners and Stoners where the storyteller is questioning himself “Cos I’m a waster, a loner, sometimes I wanna be stoner or maybe I’m just a poser, I don’t really know whats going on in my head” before turning the same message around on everyone else.

And a cover version of Days n Daze Misanthropic Drunken Loner thrown in for good measure.

If that’s what Strung Out Nights has to offer , I’m looking forward to what’s coming next.

If you want to buy physical copies of the EPs contact Strung Out Nights on Facebook or Wheelie Bin Records.

Both EPs are available to stream on Spotify.

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