The Cundeez – Ehm Feelin Teckle

Its Saturday morning and ehm feelin’ teckle!

From the moment the cymbals, guitar & moothie (harmonica) start off this feel good tune, I defy you not get on your feet and dance. Even as I’m listening to it again as I’m typing this I’m finding in hard to sit still!

Continuing the Dundee theme from the last post, new single from The Cundeez hit my inbox this morning and what a way to kick off the weekend, its set me up to tackle anything.

If you have been fortunate enough to have seen the band live, you’ll know what an entertaining treat it is. Its a great mix of punk/oi, two tone/ska with lyrics in Dundee dialect & great messages. And with added bagpipes and kilts you cant fail to enjoy them live.

The song is an upbeat stomper that will have you skanking all round the house from the moment you stick it on. “Its a brand new day, turn the radio on”, listen to the Cundeez and get ready to go out with your “Harrington on”.

The feelgood vibe is maintained through the whole song. It tells the story of a great day with friends and enjoying life! Some great lines – “Swagger doon the street in the Dundee style”. Positive messges “Spread the feel good vibe, spread the positivity. Religion, racism, fighting – NO!. Peace and harmony and friendship – GO!”

Right I’m off to skank.

Expect a full interview and review of the new album when its out.

As the song says – “Just laugh and dance and smile and sing, feel the teckle rise within”

Kilts oan, tapps aff! Are you teckle too? Oi oi oi!

(Oh and for those who need a translation – from Stevie Cundee: feeling marvellous.. on top of the moon.. doesn’t get better.. TECKLE!)

Download available now: