The Red Eyes – Man and Boy – Alan Bishop

Alan Bishop – The Red Eyes

2017 was a big year for The Red Eyes. They released their 4th album – the masterpiece that is “Man and Boy” and marked their 20th anniversary with a tremendous gig in Audio playing 2 sets – one with original 90’s line up and their headline “Man and Boy” set. The Red Eyes were joined on the night backed up by Fudgie McFadden’s “Strung Out Nights” and Heavy Drapes, who are due to release their debut album in 2018.

Man and Boy launch gig
Man and Boy launch gig

I caught up with Alan Bishop to find out a bit more about his thoughts and experiences of the last 20 years.… Read the rest

Red or Dead – Trotsky Waltz – New Album

Red or Dead


Red or Dead are:

Rob Murray – Guitar, Mandolin and Vocals.
Emma Sunerton-Burl – Cajon mandolin and Backing Vocals.
Gala Elvira – Vocals.
Dave Sunerton-Burl – Bass, Guitars, Backing Vocals.

The band met protesting outside a UKIP conference mid 2015. They ended up playing an anti-UKIP song Rob had written and made the first item on the BBC 6 O’Clock News that night.

Since then they have had some high profile support slots. Including Hugh Cornwell, Mike Peters, Ferocious Dog and the Christians (Twice).

Musically their heroes and inspirations are The Clash, The Stranglers, X Ray Spex, The Pistols, Iggy and so on.… Read the rest

thegingerquiff – 2017 – Looking Back

Looking back on 2017

It is that time of year when everyone reflects on their “best of” lists for the past year. Why should I be any different? I may as well join in.

I’m not going to write lists as such, or limit myself to a top 5/10 or whatever. I’ll just go with the flow and shout out some of my personal favourites of the year…

I only started thegingerquiff blog in August and have enjoyed many albums, singles and gigs since then that have featured on my blog, but there were plenty from earlier in the year though too.… Read the rest

Drunk Gods, Sway & Reptilians from Andromeda

Drunk Gods, Sway and Reptilians from Andromeda…

Playing catch up with blog posts with few recent releases that deserve your attention.

Drunk Gods


Drunk Gods officially launched their new single tonight in Glasgow’s 13th Note.

The double AA single is available on CD at gigs and from the band members, but will also available to download from the 4th of December

See my review of the blistering new single(s) on louderthanwar website.

If you haven’t got their debut album – my first question is why? – but its not too late, you can download it from bandcamp or iTunes


To Be a Man – new single

Sway have recently come to my attention and are a distinctive melodic guitar driven 4 piece from Paisley.… Read the rest

I Am Derek – I Am Derek EP

I Am Derek

North Devon 2 piece “I Am Derek” release their new EP on Friday 17th November. This follows on from debut (demo) EP (“Zipped” ) recorded and released between Christmas and New Year last year having got together in December 2016. The Zipped EP was picked up by several radio stations across the UK and Canada.


In May 2017 they started writing and demoing new tracks which were again picked up by radio stations. These early demos received radio play worldwide on internet and FM radio stations. One of the tracks, “Boxes”, was voted no 4 in an Australian radio station’s weekly indie chart.… Read the rest

Tarbeach Records – NYC Record Label

Tarbeach webTarbeach Records

Over the years, there have been a number of essential record labels with Scottish roots that have given rise to some unforgettable bands and their music.

The list is massive but everyone must be familiar with at least one of these:

  • Postcard (Orange Juice, Josef K, Aztec Camera)
  • Creation (Oasis, Ride, Primal Scream, Jesus and Mary Chain, House of Love)
  • Creeping Bent (Vic Godard, Secret Goldfish, Alan Vega)
  • Chemikal Underground (Mogwai, The Delgados, Malcolm Middleton, Arab Strap)

And that is just scraping the surface.

Scottish Roots

Add a new one to that list – Tarbeach Records. Although NYC based, the label has Scottish roots and a number of Scottish bands on their release list.… Read the rest

The Screens “Jennifer Jones” new single

The Screens

The Screens are duo, Neil and Colin. They have a long background in creating and producing music for TV shows and films. This project is their opportunity to have the “creative freedom” to make their own music and share it with the world. They don’t let the fact they live thousands of miles apart impact their ability to create their music.

They are currently in the process of recording a debut album for release in 2018

Colin : “When we wrote (first single) “Avalanche” we discovered our sound for this album. We’d written lots of songs that we liked but it wasn’t until we finished Avalanche that we discovered what The Screens were about.

Read the rest

The Media Whores – Mercury prize nominees for Dangerous Minds

Who are The Media Whores?

The Media Whores are a Falkirk based “political power pop punk” band (description courtesy of Vive Le Rock) who have now have three albums to their name.

  • Debut “Starfishing”
  • 2013’s “Pornophonica” (9/10 in Vive Le Rock)
  • and latest release “Dangerous Minds” (2016) (again 9/10 in Vive Le Rock) and was also long-listed for the Mercury Music Prize.

Although Dangerous Minds has been out for a while now, it seemed like a good time to catch up with the band following the Mercury long-listing.

Media Whores at the 100 Club – photo courtesy of MWHQ

Band members are:

Craig A – vocals & rhythm guitar
Doogie Mackie – bass guitar & backing vocs
Martyn Heath – lead guitar & backing vocs
Andy Russell – drums

Recent shows

The Media Whores have been prominent and noticeably busy since the album release.… Read the rest

Morrissey – Spent the Day in Bed

I was wishing I had taken Mr Steven Patrick Morrissey’s advice and “Spent the Day in Bed” when I was listening in to Radio 2 for the world’s first play of his new single. I was sitting in my car on the M8 going absolutely nowhere….

Morrissey joined twitter yesterday with his cryptic first tweet being the title of the single. I must admit to be slightly concerned about Moz on twitter. He often opens his mouth and spouts a lot of mince these days. And look what Trump gets up to on Twitter….

Anyway, back to the song and thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed.… Read the rest

Gun – Favourite Pleasures is a welcome return for this Glasgow band


I’ve followed Gun since the beginning. Enjoying seeing live gigs with the likes of Texas and Slide when they were all starting out. Their first album, Taking on the World, was packed full of riff laden tunes. Shame on You, Money and Better Days all songs which I still play regularly.

The three bands went on to varying degrees of success. Gun scored a number of hits and changed line-ups several times over the years. One period had Little Angels Toby Jepson on vocals. I freely admit that this part of the band’s career passed me by slightly as I was never a fan of Little Angels.… Read the rest