Julie Hamill – Frank (debut novel)

Julie Hamill

Many of you will know Julie from her Morrissey connections. From Mozarmy to  her book “15 Minutes with You”.

“Frank” is her first novel. The first in a series of three following the lives of a family in 1980s Airdrie.


The book tells the story of recently widowed Frank. The tale of how he, and daughter Jackie, are dealing with the many and varied challenges life is throwing at them after the death of his wife June.

I found myself drawn into Franks life from the off. The novel is an emotional rollercoaster with laugh out loud moments & happy events to bringing you to the brink of tears.… Read the rest

Writing as Therapy

CBT (Cognitive behavioural Therapy)

I recently completed 12 weeks of CBT. Some of the sessions were exceedingly difficult. I would even go as far as to say the initial sessions made me feel worse. It was a number of sessions in before I started beginning to feel positive.

I know now this was to be expected as my counsellor spent time unearthing my core beliefs to enable me to work on the correct solutions. These solutions are what are ultimately allowing me to manage my anxiety and depression. It was not however an easy trip to get there and accepting my core beliefs wasn’t something I readily did.… Read the rest

Ian Donaldson – Interview – “A Rainbow in the Basement” & “….And Then The Stars”

Ian Donaldson

There has recently been a lot of activity from one of Scotland’s stars of the 80’s – Ian Donaldson. Those of a certain age will remember him being the front-man for H20 with their chart hits with “I Dream to Sleep” and “Just Outside of Heaven”. (Good excuse to put this here….)

Ian has returned recently with a debut novel “A Rainbow in the Basement”. On the music front, he has also been back in the studio recording a solo album due for release early next year and has announced a couple of album launch gigs in Glasgow.

He was recently kind enough to answer a few questions for me.… Read the rest