Hazel O’Connor – live in Oran Mor

Hazel O'Connor Mega Plus Tour
Hazel O’Connor – Mega Plus Tour
Hazel O’Connor – MEGA PLus tour, Oran mor

It was a Friday night after what could be described as a “challenging” week at work, in all honesty all I felt like doing was sitting on the sofa and drifting off to sleep in front of the TV.

But I had tickets to go and see Hazel O’Connor and had already missed a Waterboys gig I had tickets for last month so gave myself a shake and headed out.

The gig was in Oran Mor – a great venue that I hadn’t been to in ages (the last time was for Jason and the Scorchers 2, maybe 3 years ago.) The only problem in the West End is parking…..everywhere is residents only.… Read the rest