The Lost Boys – Nosebleeds – album review

The Lost Boys - Nosebleeds

I’m Addicted

As the first track on The Lost Boys album says “I’m Addicted”. I’m addicted to this album, I’m addicted to its charm. I’m addicted to its powerful hook laden tunes. I’m addicted to its humour and clever lyrics.

Take a level tablespoon of the power-pop-punk sensibilities and driving guitars of The Buzzcocks, season with a bit of the abstractness of Graham Coxon, add the warm timbre of Mark Morriss from The Bluetones, mix well. Add the personality, humour and song-writing of Daniel Ash (showing my age, but no, not that Daniel Ash) and before you know it you’ve got a thrill rush that has resulted in the brilliance of Nosebleeds. Not sure how you’d describe them but end to end, the album is astute and witty, musically packed with surges of vigour & verve and lyrics that grab the attention.

The Lost Boys
The Lost Boys

Please allow me to show you something

Kicking off with a sample stating “please allow me to show you something” the album kicks into fifth gear straight away.  “Addicted” is adrenaline filled and the album doesn’t look back. All melodious driving guitars and vocal harmonies. Please show me something else…..

Anti-love song “Mary” laments ever having met the  “beauty queen on Halloween”. Musically it continues where “Addicted” left off with its vivacious guitars and rich melodies.

Wry Humour

Daniel’s lyrics are clever. Filled with wry humour, they tell the stories in the songs brilliantly. Take the opening couplet of “Paper Heart” – “He’s passive aggressive and over protective, I miss him like dysentery”. The song goes on to describe a relationship seemingly built on money.

“TMWYW” (Tell Me What You’re Wearing) is a punchy tale of chat lines from what appears to be the perspective of a sleazy pervert. Daniel re-dresses the balance later with “Men Don’t Ever”. On the face of it seems to be a simple social comment on abuse of power and rebuffs the age old excuses that these type of men make. Topical.

“Fold Back” with its melodic choruses, guitar hooks and upbeat vibes hides a darker message. “Ding dong the witch is dead, please rest your ugly head”

Penultimate track (well that’s not strictly true) laments the promises of fame not delivered. “Pretty Dreams” ends in a squeal of feedback and a screamed “don’t you wish you were famous”

I’m passionate about raising awareness about mental health whatever shape or form that takes. Like Falkirk’s The Media Whores, The Lost Boys do this here sensitively tackling the subject of anorexia on final track “Nervosa”. Ending with the sorrowful plea “who am I supposed to turn to now” before fading out.

The album isn’t quite over though. We are treated to a wistful minute and a half of acoustic balladry “I’m sailing into the blue – send my regards to the girl who changed my world”.

At just over 30 minutes the album has flown by before you know it. But just like the high intensity adrenaline thrill of a rollercoaster, once you get off, you just want to get back on and go again.

If you are in Southampton this weekend, got down to the album launch gig.

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The Lost Boys - Nosebleeds launch night
Nosebleeds launch night

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