Voicex – Waiting

Voicex – Waiting…

Following on from “Never”, the Scottish post-punk super-group (Scars, Boots for Dancing, Heavy Drapes) follow up with second offering “Waiting”.

It is a jangly indie-guitar masterpiece.

Shades of 60’s buzz pop/The Primitives in the intro, and capturing the spirit of many bands of the classic 80’s era in Weather Prophets, Shop Assistants and their ilk, with shades of Bunnymen thrown in to boot.

Suky Goodfellow – photo courtesy of Voicex website

Don’t get me wrong though, Voicex have their own individual sound when you add Suky’s impassioned vocal to the mix. Listen for yourself:

I’ve been fortunate to hear a sneak preview of another track and if you like, nay, love the 2 tracks so far, you won’t be disappointed.… Read the rest

The Lost Boys – Nosebleeds – album review

I’m Addicted

As the first track on The Lost Boys album says “I’m Addicted”. I’m addicted to this album, I’m addicted to its charm. I’m addicted to its powerful hook laden tunes. I’m addicted to its humour and clever lyrics.

Take a level tablespoon of the power-pop-punk sensibilities and driving guitars of The Buzzcocks, season with a bit of the abstractness of Graham Coxon, add the warm timbre of Mark Morriss from The Bluetones, mix well. Add the personality, humour and song-writing of Daniel Ash (showing my age, but no, not that Daniel Ash) and before you know it you’ve got a thrill rush that has resulted in the brilliance of Nosebleeds.Read the rest

A Motley Mish-Mash of Melodious Musical Merriment

Since the turn of the year, I’ve been listening to a variety of music – new and old – and in a variety of formats. I’ve never been a fan of streaming, but I’m trying to get into the 21st Century and using these formats where there isn’t an alternative.

I’ve been playing catch up on music I’ve been sent over the last few months as well as listening to Christmas presents and recent recommendations from friends.

Speaking of recommendations – I recently wrote a blog about Jason How, if you haven’t already checked him out. I’d recommend a listen, regardless of what “genre” you normally listen to.… Read the rest