Delinquents – About Last Night

delinquents – david hennessey

Delinquents are a 3 piece punk band from Dundee. They are David Hennessey – Guitar/Bass/Vocals, Graeme Jackson – Guitar/Bass/Vocals & Ryan Hughes – Drums. The band are releasing their debut album on 29th September. The official launch is at Punktoberfest in Dundee in October.

I caught up with David recently to ask him about the band and their album, and what it was like being in a punk band in Dundee. I also managed to get my hands on a copy of their CD and have shared my thoughts below.

Thegingerquiff – How did Delinquents come about?

David Hennessey – Jackson and I were writing together and ended up jamming some music we were writing. We tried a few different line ups then we realised a mutual pal was a drummer. One session in and adding Ryan to the fold was a no brainier. Jackson and I alternate between bass And guitar depending on the song or who wrote it hahaha.

TGQ – How would you describe your sound?

DH – A mixture of everything to be honest. We call ourselves a punk band but there is so much we are influenced by. We all like completely different styles. I’m heavily influenced from the old school punk SLF/Clash, Jackson pretty much listens to everything as does Ryan. Jackson and Ryan are both really solid players. I’m lucky to have them carrying me. We all bring something different to the band. By the time the next album comes out there will probably be something totally different to what was on ‘About Last Night’ We say we play punk rock. We still think we suck to be honest hahaha.

TGQ – Who or what inspires your songwriting/what do you like to write about?

DH – Selfishly, I write the lyrics so I tend to lean any experiences or feelings I have may around the time of writing. We like people to be able to connect to the songs and be able to draw their own perceptions. I can probably guarantee every song on the album is misinterpreted from someone somewhere (bar the fuck you song which is probably quite obvious) The album lyrically was exploring themes from something as simple as being dumped, (Valentine’s Day) to dealing with depression (Keep on Choking) to some ironic social commentary on our wonderful Conservative government (Next Generation) to deal with teenage self-loathing (Acne). Every song has a story to tell.

TGQ – What are your favourite songs on the album & why?

DH – Honestly, I don’t have a favourite and the guys would probably agree with me. The album we wanted to make originally was gonna be around twelve or thirteen songs long but the ten we had we played in our first full year in existence we could just not see past. They couldn’t not go on an album together. We love every song.

TGQ – What was Rebellion like?

DH – I’ve been going to Rebellion as a punter for around five or six years. It’s been a family holiday with my Dad and Brother for years. It’s an incredible festival and the organisers work all year round to make it as good as it is. To play this year was just incredible .It felt more special playing alongside a load of pals we met playing all over the country this year (Criminal Mind, No Thrills, The Zips) and to be one of THREE bands from Dundee (Cundeez and The Eddies) was a privilege. We didn’t get banned anyway.

TGQ – What is the punk scene in Dundee like?

DH – Despite Dundee being dubbed a ‘ghost town’ recently, we have quite a thriving underground punk scene. Make-That-A-Take Records work tirelessly to bring some of the UK’s best up and coming touring bands to Dundee as well as the odd international hidden gem thrown in with a few punk heavyweights over the years (Slaves, Jeff Rosenstock). MTAT hosts Book Yer Ane Fest which is a weekender every December which attracts folk from all over the country.

Beat Generator brings some of the old school powerhouses to Dundee which are reasonably well turned out. Andy Cochrane (The Eddies) gives us Punktoberfest every year which is always very well organised and well attended with some of the most best punk bands past and present. We also have Andy Wood (The Cool Cat Club) who puts on mostly eclectic/post punk shows but these are very well attended and Andy’s dedication to his nights is infectious.

The scene is fucking great, it’s lucky to have these stalwarts. Every one of these guys have booked us and each show has been completely different each time. Dundee has a great scene, the people just need to look for it. Do I wish there were more bands coming out of Dundee? Yes. But then we then we probably would get found out…

TGQ – Your official album launch is at Punktoberfest in Dundee on October 27th, tell us more about that gig.

DH – It’s a show that I mentioned above. One of Dundee’s two annual punk festivals. Buses attending from all over the country. We play Friday. It’s huge for us as its home turf and it’s the first show after the album is released. It’s a stellar line up as well, being opened by hardcore juggernauts Drive By Killer (Perth), Old-School punk rock Malfunction (Aberdeen). The eagerly anticipated return of Dundee Oi heroes ‘On File”, then ourselves & finally Scotland’s punk rock n roll heavyweights ‘Control’, Summed up, “Taps Aff”!

TGQ – What’s next for Delinquents?

DH – Next for us? Probably take January till March off to write album number two. Make more pals, get drunk and just have fun. If next year is even half as good as this year, then we’ll be happy. The next step is probably to do more in Dundee. When we first started we did a few benefit shows and with being so busy we didn’t manage as many this year. We have applied for Nice and Sleazy Fest in Morecambe. Would be magic if Rebellion had us back too wouldn’t it?

TGQ – For those that can’t make the album launch gig in October, how do they get hold of your album?

DH – If you can’t make the launch, you can buy or stream the album digitally from 29th September or limited physical copies are available from ourselves or Violated Records website.

Thanks a million to David for taking the time out to talk to me. Looking forward to more from Delinquents in the future.

Delinquents – about last night

We interrupt our programme to bring you this important message” kicks off the first track of Delinquents debut album, About Last Night. Clocking in at just under 30 minutes, the album is a thrill ride which, like any good ride, has you wanting to jump in and go again as soon as its finished.

I think I listened to the album 4 times straight when it first arrived – important message received loud and clear!

That first track has the punny title Control.Alt.Defeat and sets the pace for the first 3 tracks (and most of the album to be fair) which fly by!

I’m glad I didn’t misunderstand the meaning behind the next song, Acne. It totally comes across like a song inspired by teenage self-loathing (“I don’t wanna be like me, I don’t wanna see what everybody sees, Is it so hard to believe, that I – can’t – stand – ME”) that I’m sure many can relate to. Even if the older ones amongst us have trouble remembering that far back.

Then follow 3 of my favourite tracks on the album one after the other, but all different stylistically.

Not Your Problem is the fiercest track on the album musically and is gone in 50 seconds, leaving me wanting more, but having totally loved the in your face guitars, drums and vocals.

The intro to next track, Keep on Choking, is vaguely reminiscent of The Smiths “Girl Afraid” at the outset. The pace of the album is still kept up, but the ferocity toned down. The message behind the song is one that is close to my heart. Also, one of my reasons for starting the blog. I can totally relate to a lot of the words in the song. “I’ve been down this road before, I know the unfamiliar bumps” “I keep on choking every time, feel the weight of fear once again”.

The band goes acoustic for the next song, but the message isn’t toned down in any way. The Fuck You Song does what is says on the tin. It is a fuck you to anyone who criticises others. “Fuck you and everyone to do with you, fuck you and all your views”. A message to do what you want! You’ve only got one life, so live it the way you want.

Next up is the aforementioned Valentines Day. A straightforward message and punk rock romp, with a Cribs like feel on places through the track. In a similar theme to Acne, Never Gonna Fit In is an outsider anthem with a melodic punk guitar sound. Something to Prove is crammed full of classic big rock riffs with vocals coming on like Jake Burns

I was already familiar with the last 2 tracks thanks to Danny Mac and his Testifying Time Radio Show. Waste of Time with its singalong chorus and “woah-ohs”. And then the album closer. The Who had “My Generation”, Generation X had “Your Generation”. Delinquents have their “paean” to current Tory government, Next Generation. I think I know how they feel about the state of play “raise our middle fingers and say – fuck you”. (If you can’t wait for the album you can stream these tracks now on Spotify)

Having listened to the album several more than 4 times now, I can happily report that the “Next Generation” of punk is in safe hands with the likes of Delinquents.