About Me

My name is Neil and I’m a (nearing) 50 year old music fan who has decided that after 30+ years of being a fan he wants to share his love of music with others.

I have always loved listening to music and going to gigs and when I left school would have loved to have started a career in something music related but ended up working in a bank…….temporarily of course, until I decided what I really wanted to do. Did I mention that temporarily lasted nearly 20 years?

That brings me to the other reason for the blog, I realise that the only thing that stopped me from having that career in music was me! What do I mean? Well,  I am one of the many people out there who battles with anxiety and so the other part of this blog will be me sharing how my anxieties have impacted me, how I’ve approached life, the decisions I’ve made and what helps me to do something about it. So, selfishly, this is also about therapy for me – damn you anxiety!

Music is one of my therapies, so in doing this blog, I also want to shout about some of the bands and people involved in making the music that I love and that inspire me and others through what they do.

Disclaimer time! – ha ha. I’m no journalist and certainly not any sort of anxiety counsellor, everything I publish in this blog will be from personal experiences or just because of my passion for the subject. Take me, or leave me – everything I write is my opinion (unless it is someone elses….)What is the quote? “Opinions are like arseholes – everybody has one”!

Anyway – enjoy(or don’t – its up to you!)